Call Steward provides a personalized link that you can use to bring your confirmed jobs into you personal calendar.

Then you can share that calendar with others in your life.

We provide the information, according to the  industry standard,  but cannot be responsible for the configuration or code provided by the maker of your calendar.

That said, we have had some success.  Here's how we did it. 

Generate and find your ICS link under MY PROFILE and then SETTINGS

Then click the button for GENERATE LINK

Copy the link and paste it into your calendar program.


Google Calendar

Somewhere in your calendar program will be a place to add a calendar.

In Google Calendar , click on the three dots next to Add Calendar.

then select From URL

Paste the link into the next dialog and add the calendar.


Next add google calendar as an app on your smart phone.

Goto settings and scroll down to the calendar you just added.

Tap on it and activate the sync.

To recap you must add the calendar link to the app in your smartphone and activate the sync to your desktop.

This is actually the reverse of how it used to work.

Ahh Google.


iCalendar just works.