If you are trying to log in and are getting a white screen. Here are some bullet points to get you back on track.

Recent updates to iOS and Android have partially broken the login with CallSteward.

A fix has been put in place but it has not made it to your phone as of yet.

Here are the bullet points.

  • Clear your cache and cookies. The login page you have is out of date and needs to be replaced.
    That can't happen until we get the busted code out of the way.

  • The correct login page is https://login.callsteward.com .
    Please consider deleting the shortcut on your home screen and replacing it with the correct URL.

  • Desktop mode is most likely the cause of your white screen. Particularly on older phones.
    There are 2 switches for desktop view, one on the login page, and the other as a browser preference.
    Get both of them shut off.

Here is a video for you to watch to review the inital login process.


If you are still having difficulty logging in.
Please reach out to support @ 1-855-LOAD OUT (855-562-3688)
or send us an email at support@ callsteward.com so we can call out to you.