The 30 day Calendar filters are controlled in the back and require a call to support for configuration.

The settings are tricky, and consulting for clarity will bring us more success.
We display information as defined in the JOB HEADER  and selected information from the CALL SHEET and ACTION LOGS in the 30 Calendar. This is where you share information about who is working where and when. They why is up to the interpretaion of each local and dispatcher.

Here are the Tiles that can be dispalyed under the Job Header
You can display all, some, or none of this data.

And the columns can be reorder to fit your taste.

  • Name of Employee
  • Call Times
  • Position
  • Call Status
  • Confirmed By
  • SMS Sent( TimeStamp)
  • Employee Seniority
  • Call Notes

This data is then assigned to CALENDAR FUTURE or CALENDAR PAST.

Each Job Header has a Start Date and End Date.

This is used to present header and call sheet details as long as they are relevant.

As soon as the End Date of a job moves into the past. So does the filter of Call Sheet details.

So we have to choose what data we diplayfor Future and past Calendars.

One use case is to display the names of the empoyees in the future, but remove that infor from view in the past.

It is always a good idea to discuss Seniority numbers. What they are, and if they are published against the prospect of future or past information.

The next Three Filters are; ALL JOBS, MY JOBS, and MY CREW

These exist inside of and independantly of Calendar Future and Calendar Past.

ALL Jobs.

Show it all Every Job Header and CallSheet detail, as defined, are diplayed.

My Jobs

This view dispalys Header and Call Sheet info IF you are assigned to a THAT JOB.

So if you are not assigned to another job, you may not know that it exists.
CallSheet data is displayed as defined.

My Crew is a hybrid mode that surpresses some Call Sheet data.

My Crew will display All Job Headers and Call Sheet details.

IF Employee Name and Seniority are selected. They are redacted for for every job that I am not assigned.

This mode exists so that you can see who you will be working. You will NOT be able to see who is working on other jobs.

Final Note

Create a basic user account so that you can preview what is visable when. Admin and Power Users are able to see the entire calendar. The only requirement is that the job be published.
Stewards and Basic Users will only see a limited view per the rules above.