Good Evening IATSE Local -

My name is Ed Hills and I have been working with ----over these last weeks to bring you your Call Steward account to IATSE .

During this time, your normal dispatch procedure is not changing. 

Duplicate information will be made avaialbe to you via the Call Steward platform so that you can better inform Chucks and dispatch in the decisions they make on a daily basis.

Call Steward is an online platform that organizes the dispatchers desk and provides them the tools to quickly and efficiently communicate and log the traffic and actions that cross that desk.

Call Steward also allows you to login and look over the shoulder, vitually, of the dispatcher, 24/7.

This gives you the tools to stay informed with the absolute latest information about the available work in your local.

At any time, you will be able to login and see your schedule and the status of every call that is currently getting dispatched.

So lets get you logged in from a computer or web browser.

Click on the links belows, read the docs, watch the videos.

Please review or

We already have your email on file so most of you can proceed to 

Request a reset link and get logged into the portal.

Please also download the APP from the Apple App Store of Google Play Store.

You may find logging in with the APP a bit easier.

Following this email, you will also receive an email with password reset link.  

If you have already logged in, please ignore that email.

If you have not logged in, please click on the link and reset your password.

If you are having difficulty getting logged in, or are registered in another Call Steward local, please reach out to support so that we might assist via email; or call directly 1-855-LOAD-OUT [855-562-3688]

Welcome to Call Steward