Your are getting this message because the email on file is @CallSteward.Com and you will be unable to login.

In CS3 email addresses are must be unique,
If you did not have an email on file, we will need to update your email address.

Please send an email to  or reach out to your dispatcher so that you can request a password reset link.

If your email is on file in another local that uses Call Steward, a new email address was generated for you and you will not be able to login.

To fix this, please send an email to from the email that you want to use for login.
Request Merge Accounts in the Subject Line.
Please also provide a phone number and any local associations that we can use to verify your account.

After this has been done on the backend, you will be able to see multiple locals from a single login.
Please reference

Thank you for your patience and participation

Ed Hills, Owner

Call Steward, LLC

1-855-LOAD OUT 8555623688