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Modified on Thu, 02 Jun 2022 at 01:36 PM

Owner Options

  1. Turnover
    This feature sets a yellow flag when the last shift or next shift falls within the turnover.  Intended to keep employees rested for general dispatch, it also is visible if someone is returning from lunch. Usually set to 8 hours.
  2. Call Time Out
    This feature sets a global policy for the length of time a call will reside on the phone sheet, awaiting confirmation.
    When a notify is sent, the individual call gets a time stamp and the clock begins. When the phone sheet refreshes, it checks for expired calls, clears them, logs them, and returns the call back to the Call Sheet for dispatch.
    This is the Long Term Policy and is by default, OFF, indicated by all zeros.

  3. Internet Confirm - Confirm via Phone
    Call Steward can be used completely in house for record keeping.  Setting this switch allows individuals to login, but not confirm over the internet. 

  4. Pass Option
    The pass option allows the employee, via the user schedule, to refuse an offer of work, and remain available.  This is not a guarantee that a dispatcher will make another offer. This is different than a decline, where the employee is marked as unavailable for 12am to 12am.

  5. Time Zone
    Please select your timezone. Its how we know when people are, When actions take place for proper logging, and how long offers of work are viable.

  6. Logo
    Upload a JPEG or PNG of your company logo. It will be used internally to brand the website and the forms that it generates.

  7. Login Image
    When a user logs in, they are forced through the Login Page Greeting.
    Your logo or Crew Picture Displays Here.
  8. Default Sort Assign Page
    The assign is where you are presented metrics on who receives an offer of work. The sort can be changed when you see the page. This setting is to set the desired default at login.

  9. Default Sort Call List
    The Call List is sorted by day. The other options are by Start Time and Skill.
    Sorting by Skill, works with SKILL PRIORITY. This presents the page, from top to bottom, in skill priority. Allowing you to place a higher value on the skill STEWARD over HAND, when H comes before S.  Once defined, you simply move from the top of the page to the bottom.

  10. Default Sort Phone Sheet
    Sorting this list in Seniority order allows you tighter control over when offers of work will go out.  This can give senior members the earliest opportunity to confirm. Keeping you closer to compliance with your dispatch policy.

  11. Default Sort Employee List
    This is just personal preference.  Last  First, First Last, Seniority, and Email.

  12. Login Page Greeting
    This is a WYSIWYG HTML box that everyone will see as they login. Use the controls on the top to change font sizes and text colors. Catch their attention and get them to come out for the Blood Drive. Or whatever is the current Good and Welfare Announcement.

  13. Auto Response
    When a confirmed call is cleared or deleted, the system will automatically notify the employee. 
    Please use the language that best suits your organization.
  14. Custom Field 1 and 2
    These fields are held privately for Admin and Power Users and are only visible on the pages selected.  These are generic text boxes and are not immediately sortable.  A common use is for a external code or reference that cannot be currently accommodated by the software.

  15. Hide Empty Days
    Not yet functional, this will hide empty days on the calendar.  For example; a job is 7 days long but there are only calls for days 1 an 7.  Days 2 thru 6 would be removed form the calendar.

  16. SkillSet Lock
    This switch will globally lock and unlock all skillsets.  If any skillset is unlocked and unknown, throwing this switch to unlocked, save, locked, and then save. Will globally lock all skillsets.

  17. Ignore Decline
    Declines and other metrics are ignored. This has the rare benefit of keeping employees available even when they decline a call. It also will hide other information such as passes, time outs, and call outs.  Leave it in the NO position unless you are prepared for the specific side effects.
  18. Wished Access
    This feature allows users to 'raise their hand' and indicated their preference TO BE dispatched to this event. This does not affect their availability.  This Action is time stamped and can be sorted in the assign pages. 
  19. Ignored Access
    This feature allows users to 'raise their hand' and indicated their preference to NOT be dispatched to this event. This does not affect their availability.  This Action is time stamped and can be sorted in the assign pages.
  20. Power Steward
    When this switch is enabled, ALL stewards will be allowed to create and edit their own jobs.
  21. Show Global Skills
    Global skills allows you to 'flag' calls with additional skills. Three skills can be added in an 'AND' condition. So when the slot calls for a Carpenter, you can also indetify those carpenter that are also covid vaxed, and osha 30, and payroll certified. This switch allows you to define global skills in the job header.

  22. Billing Contact
    Search this dropdown, the list of available stewards that would also be responible for paying the Call Steward bill. CS Invoices will be added to their main menu.
  23. Show Batch Notify
    This switch will remove Batch Notify from the phone sheet.

  24. Notify Templates
    Create, and edit the 10 templates most commonly used in job notifications. Simply click on an X to delete one. Start typing to create one and hit enter to save.

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