Admin Configuration Status Levels

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In order to be available to the assign pages, an employee must have skills and must have a status.

Statuses or Lists have attributes that define privileges for that group.

The Status Manager can be found under the Configuration menu.

You must be logged in as the admin to do this work.
The number in parentheses, is the number of employees in that status.

Define or review the attributes of each group with the Green Add Button or Pencil

Add or Edit Status Manager

  1. Status
    This is the everyday name for the group. IE; List A, List B, List C

  2. Priority
    This numerical value, lowest to highest, places List A before List B

  3. Able To Work
    You can create a group of users that are not able to work. This could be due to any number of factors; deceased, unpaid dues, fines, or just the new people to be vetted.

  4. Stewards List
    Stewardship is not just a skill to be punched down. If you have a steward skill punched down and you drop from list A to List B, you can be temporarily removed from future offerings of stewardship. Steward Skills can track with the individual status.

  5. Able to Login
    Prevent an entire group, permit workers, from the ability to login. Use the notify and phonesheet tools to communicate, but make them call into dispatch to confirm.

  6. Show Notify and Action Log
    Protect your organization by redacting these user based logs from users.

  7. Block Job Notification
    Unconfirmed offers of work flow from the Call Sheet to the Phone Sheet. Some groups need to be contacted manually.  This feature will stop all notifications to this group. The end result is that the dispatcher must confirm those employees manually via the phone sheet or individual schedule.

Delete Status---- 

Try not do do this. Anyone in the group will have there status removed. They will be "abandoned" in the system and need to be reassigned one by one.

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