Getting SMS to your phone with the volume of messages we send requires more than a few computers so let's review the parties involved along the way.

Call Steward- researched by user or dispatcher

Are you properly configured?

-Is the phone number in your profile correct?

-Are the notifications set to SMS?

-Is the global block of job notifications set to receive?

Is Call Steward Actually Sending the message?
-Do you see outgoing messages in your log?

Your Cell Provider- researched by user

-Does customer service have any blocks of SHORT CODE or TOLL-FREE SMS on your line? Call your provider.

-Is there a specific block of the TOLL-FREE NUMBER assigned to your local? 
Dispatch or Call Steward can confirm the Phone Number where your messages originate. Then call your provider?

your number is [insert local number]  

-Is the software of your phone, they may be more than one app, blocking the messages or sending them to SPAM or TRASH

-Our provider recommends sending an sms message from the phone in question to, your locals message number, your number is  [insert local number]  , with a message of START  or UNSTOP.

If the above steps do not clear the block, please reach back out and we can take the next steps.

Bulk SMS Provider- researched by Call Steward
-Are they receiving the message?
-Are they delivering the message?
-Are they collecting an error code on a failed message?

**Please reach out to Call Steward @ 1-855- LOAD OUT (8555623688) or if you have any questions.