1) From the Maine Menu click on Employers

2) Then Add New Employer in the upper right corner.

3) Search for the Company Name or Abbreviation of the employer.

** If your employer is not listed, please skip to step 6.

4) Select the employer name from the search results, Highlighted in Blue, 

5) click outside the results box, then click ADD
Now the employer is associated with your client and you can set the access rights.

6) Adding a new employer not found in the database.
Enter the email address of your employer and click check. Each email address in the database must be unique.

If the address you are entering will not validate, please contact support@callsteward.com.
7) If the email address is available, click on Submit New Employer

8) Fill out the 3 required fields in the top box and hit Save

9) Using the recently added email and Employer record, repeat steps 1-5, adding them to your client list.